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NY2LA Basketball Association welcomes REACH

NY2LA Sports is known for running high caliber grassroots platforms annually that feature some of the most talented programs and prospects in the country each year. In 2016 NY2LA Sports will continue to move forward with offering quality grassroots basketball initiatives with the debut of the NY2LA Basketball Association. With quality exposure opportunities at a premium during critical viewing periods each year, the NY2LA Basketball Association will play host to 15U-17U teams and it will be held on select “live” period evaluation weekends next spring and summer. Teams will compete during two regular season weekends next April leading into a championship tournament next July where one champion will be crowned in each age group. NY2LA Sports grassroots basketball platforms have a rich history of excellence and talent in recent years. Close to 50 participants of NY2LA Sports events were chosen as McDonald’s All-Americans over the past 7 years and close to 40 participants were chosen as Jordan Brand All-Americans during that same period. Over the past 5 years close to 50 players have been selected in the annual NBA Draft with 30 of those being first round selections. In the 2015 NBA Draft the first three picks, six of the first 10 picks, and 12 of the first round selections all participated in NY2LA Sports grassroots basketball platforms.

Programs already confirmed to compete in the inaugural NY2LA Basketball Association next spring and summer are as follows: (Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Chicago Lockdown (Illinois)

Dakota Schoolers (North & South Dakota)

Grand Rapids Storm (Michigan)

Illinois Irish (Illinois) I

llinois Stars (Illinois)

Martin Brothers Select (Iowa)

MBA Select (Indiana)

Mercury Elite (Illinois)

Minnesota Comets (Minnesota)

Minnesota Select (Minnesota)

OSA Crusaders (Nebraska)

RAS Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

Quad City Elite (Illinois/Iowa)

Wisconsin Blizzard (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin Shooters (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin Swing (Wisconsin)

Yanders Law (Missouri)

Additions/Updates - Wisconsin Playmakers (Wisconsin) confirmed as of November 5, 2015 Additions/Updates - R.E.A.C.H. Legends (Michigan) confirmed as of November 9, 2015

Stay tuned to NY2LASPORTS.COM for continued updates and information regarding the NY2LA Basketball Association. - See more at:

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